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Time Lapse Photography Tips for Beginners

Time Lapse Photography

How to Shoot Time Lapse Photography and Create Simple Time Lapse Videos using only QuickTime Pro. This is for Beginners with no Complex Video Editing Experience or Software.

The Time Lapse Photography is shot with an Energizer Intervalometer programmed to shoot hundreds of Still Frame Photos, one frame every 5 seconds. Meta then drops them into QuickTime Pro to create Amazing Time Lapse Videos the Easy Way.

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Time Lapse Photography Tips

The Energizer Intervalometer / Remote Shutter Release can also be used for Time Lapse Photography to Create Time Lapse Videos. Their manual is rather complex to figure out, so here’s Meta’s Simplified Time Lapse Photography Instructions.

Simple Time Lapse Photography

If you want set the Energizer Intervalometer to release the shutter, say once every 5 seconds (INTVL = 00:00’:05”), here’s how to program it. Meta highly recommends installing a Two brand new AAA Batteries each time you use it. Once you begin taking Time Lapse Photography, you can’t stop to swap out your AAA Batteries!

Set the camera in Manual Mode. Shoot in RAW. Use a Variable ND FIlter. Set your Shutter Speed to 1/2 to 1 second to add the desired amount of Motion Blur. Set your f/stop to get the correct exposure. Do some test shorts before you begin.

1) Always Install Two brand new Energizer AAA Batteries.
2) Connect the Energizer Intervalometer to your Sony Camera (Photo: Top Left).
3) Press the Set Button.
4) Press the Right Arrow 2 times until the Indicator Bar moves under INTVL.
5) Press the Set Button.
6) Press the Right Arrow 2 times until 00 Seconds Blinks.
7) Press the Right Up Arrow 5 times until 5 Seconds Blinks (INTVL = 00:00’:05”).
8) Press the Set Button. It’s now programmed to trigger every 5 seconds.
9) Press the Right Side Half Moon Button to Start or Stop the Timer.

The Energizer Intervalometer has no Power On / Off Switch, so when you’re finished using your Time Lapse Photo Shoot, remove the two Energizer AAA Batteries, else the Energizer Intervalometer will be dead the next time you go to use it.

Time Lapse Photography Tips for Standard Photography

Meta takes her very sturdy Slik Pro 700DX Tripod when Shooting Time Lapse Photography, to keep the Sony Alpha 77 II Camera as still as possible. Meta also uses her Sony Vertical Grip with Dual Battery, with two Sony Camera Batteries, attached to her Sony Alpha 77 II Camera. This special setup provides double the battery life, with extended shooting time (about 1,800 shots total). Bring a chair and a good book!

Shooting Time Lapse Photography involves shooting hundreds of still frames, one frame every 5 seconds (INTVL = 00:00’:05”). Using a HD video output (1080p or 1920 pixels x 1080 pixels) at 24 fps, 10 Seconds of Final Video, shot at 1 frame every 5 seconds, will require 240 Still Frames and take a total of 20 minutes to shoot! Background music can be added into the final video during Post Production.

Time Lapse Photography for Macro Photography

Time Lapse Photography for Beginner Macro Photography is very similar to the Time Lapse Procedure above, but you would shoot one frame every 5 minutes (INTVL = 00:05’:00”), instead of every 5 seconds, to capture the slow opening of a flower. This might take all day to shoot, so Meta uses her Sony AC Adapter to her Sony Alpha 77 II, using AC Power rather than the two Sony Camera Batteries. Once you begin taking Time Lapse Photography, you can’t stop to swap out your Camera Batteries!

The Time Lapse Video below was shot using Meta’s Sony Alpha 77 II with the Energizer Intervalometer programmed to trigger once every 5 seconds (INTVL = 00:00’:05”). This Time Lapse Video was shot on the top of Grandfather Mountain.
Grandfather Mountain Time Lapse Video

Meta’s Macro Photography Tips for Beginners

Time Lapse Photography Tips

Meta hopes that you found her How Shoot Time Lapse Photography and Create Time Lapse Videos helpful for Creating Amazing Time Lapse Videos the Easy Way.

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